Fresh out the optician—DO I HAVE FEELS YET? I’M NOT SURE.

Translation: I just got the Glass Titanium Curve frames. And I dig my Curves. I got RX transition lenses (!!), for which I will likely be made fun of endlessly, but it’s really cool how they leave a gradient clear window where the Glass prism obstructs the lens. Pic of this soon once I have some San Francisco sunshine (lol and lol: a two front ‘lol’).

Kind of annoying: the titanium frames required a thinner fancy lens—oooh—that I had to get in a prescription a notch higher (a notch ≈ 0.1) than my regular prescription. Causes a bit of uncomfortable fish-eye-lensing near the bottom of the frames.

Also tough to get the fit just right / tight enough across the bridge of the nose to restrict the Glass from jiggling like mad when you pull your haters-gonna-hate gif-maker, strutting down the pavement—utter swag slayer, that wobbly frame. Gotta reduce the play, playa.


I met up with my buddies James and Josh over the holidays (pictured above).

James is pretty silly. This I knew.

James is pretty silly.

James is Glasshole Jesus. This I did not know.

James is Glasshole Jesus.

To date, James picked up on gesturing, searching, browsing, basically just wearing Glass like a boss, more quickly than ANYONE who ever got the chance to play with it. The pics he nabbed are wonderful little snapshots of a perfectly mundane adventure.

My personal favorite is the havoc he wreaked on my search history timeline though.

Thanks for that one, James.

Note: it worked.


Ah, Clockwork Orange…all your perfect imperfections.

At long last, my fit and vision qualms might be addressed by this latest development: I was overjoyed today to hear about the release of the Titanium frames collection and new snap-on shades for Glass.

LET IT BE KNOWN that I ordered the Curve frames after a not-insignificant period of deliberation over the Split or Bold frames. CURVEBALL, OHHH—

Oh, and, I have now, finally, ordered my stereo earbuds; I’m thinking Sky Blue and Shale/Cotton contrast caps go great with Tangerine.

When I took the Google Glass Explorer survey and they asked us to write about what it means to be an Explorer, the look on my face in this photo sums up my response pretty succinctly.

Getting to be an ambassador for entirely new technology requires enthusiasm, acceptance of its failings, joy for its successes, open-eyed wonder, and diplomacy to others to bring them into that same wonder and familiarity—because it only feels alien until you try it.

Hooomeward bound…I wish I was…hooomeward bound…

It’s really funny how consistent my excitement level is when I let other people try on my Glass. I wonder how much less often that will happen once I attach my Glass Titanium Curve frames onto them w/ Rx lenses. Issues of fit and ocular discomfort will certainly become a bit of a roadblock.

Aww wait…no more candid selfies?

Note: I am dazzled by Glass photographs in daylight and usually indoors, but in low light, the photographs are horrendously oversaturated and grainy. Those horizontal bands are maddening. Hopefully this will be addressed with hardware upgrades.


Lots of traveling. Life is cold. Glass does not play nicely with beanies or warm headgear. This hopefully explains most of my absence from generative activities connected to this since I have had a dearth of glassholing opportunities lately. Will resume as soon I resume using this baby regularly, but damn, you’d be an idiot to forego wearing a hat in this weather. Sorry, Clockwork Orange.


Nicopanda Ho Ho Ho pop-up shop, in Nicola Formichetti’s studio down the street from the loft.


Learning for the first time that setting your Glass down on a table often results in surveillance photos = this gem.